About Us

Try new roads. Try Gyldenore auctions.

Gyldenore was founded in 2019 by two friends: Kaspar and Thomas.
Their goal is simple: to make online car auctions fair and qualitative.
They saw how many issues people had in regards to buying and selling cars.
This is why they started their own online car auction platform for unique cars.

Besides being an auction platform, Gyldenore wants to be an important organ throughout Europe,
to connect the car community even more and to protect the cars even better against negligence.

Gyldenore wants you to know what you buy and let you sell what you cared for. 

Gyldenore seeks to connect car enthusiasts of all kinds, on a free online platform where the honesty and quality of car auctions is central. We acts as an intermediary and does its utmost to guarantee the quality of the auctions.  

Becoming the online place of choice for buying and selling unique, classic vehicles through fair, high-quality digital auctions. 

Providing digital unique car auctions that can be trusted by all its contributors.

Our passion for cars.
We want to provide fair opportunities to the car community.
Our aim is to give people a clean, fair and professional way of buying and selling cars.
A platform where you, the visitor, the seller or the buyer, can enjoy the car community to its fullest potential.

Why was Gyldenore founded?
Gyldenore was founded to solve a problem.
We all know the typical unprofessional ad with 5 blurry pictures, no interior pictures, barely any information and of course the infamous “pm for price”. We’ve lost faith in these generic websites.
That’s where Gyldenore comes in.
We want to make the process of buying and selling a car as easy and safe as possible for you.

What is Gyldenore’s priority?
It’s quality. There’s a certain standard we try to achieve. This means that not every oldtimer, youngtimer or GT car can be auctioned on our website. We carefully select which cars are shown on our site. This way we can guarantee the quality of the ad, which is most important.

Why is Gyldenore different?
We offer an extra market related to the oldtimer, youngtimer and the GT sector. A highly professional environment where the quality and honesty of the advertisements is central.
Gyldenore strives for fair prices, this is guaranteed by auction.
The market determines the price. Gyldenore is able to set low buyer’s fees, because there are no physical auctions. No need for tents or buildings to be rented and no need for extra staff to support the auctions.

So here at Gyldenore, it's not just about us.
It's about the community.