The All New BMW M3 And M4

G80 M3

Let’s ignore the kidneys for a second and appreciate the history.

It has been 35 years since BMW announced the first generation M3.
The legendary E30 M3.
A design that has impacted the car world ever since. Nowadays we see boxed and flared arches almost everywhere.
With these classic BMW’s reaching crazy auction prices, it is obvious people love the design and the simplicity.
However, the E30 had another design characteristic people seem to forget. It had vertically long kidneys.
With the introduction of the E36, BMW ended the tradition of vertically long kidneys.

Now let’s get to the point. The all new M3 & M4.

It has a newly developed 3 liter, straight-six engine which puts out 479 bhp in standard trim.
The competition model gets 503 bhp and 650 Nm of torque at the rear wheels. You could argue that the M3 and M4 will be quite difficult to control.
Don’t worry, BMW issued a statement it will make an adaptive X-drive (4x4) version of the competition, which is similar in design to the system found in the M5. This system will be able to automatically split the torque between the front and rear wheels. Of course being BMW, you have the option to send 100% of the engine’s power to the rear wheels.
Here’s the best part. The new 2020 M3 and M4 will be both available with a manual gearbox. Talk about future classics.


The kidney.

We like the new grill. it’s new, it’s fresh and it looks aggressive. Something car makers should try more often.
The days of non M-cars being mistaken for M-cars are over. The new M’s share only the boot (trunk) and doors with their regular siblings. Everything else is custom.

Upgrades compared to the outgoing models.
- All new adaptive suspension dampers
- Stiffer engine and chassis mounts
- Ten stage traction control system
- Six piston disc brakes
- Active rear differential
- Drift analyser

Yes, you've read that right. The drift analyser is a system which provides a breakdown of the driver’s performance when drifting.
However, if precise driving is more your thing, BMW has also included a driving line coach and lap timer.

We are certainly looking forward seeing these cars in person!

G80 M3 drift



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