The Über-Powerful Mercedes-AMG GT73

Mercedes-AMG GT73 on Track


If you are the type of person that thinks 630 hp and 900 Nm of torque in a sedan is not enough, you are in for a treat! Introducing the Mercedes-Amg GT73 EQ Power +. For people that want to shred tyres but love polar bears. We don't even know how this last statement makes sense, but apparently there's a market for 63 AMGs combined with electric motors. So what do you get? 805 hp. Yes, 805 hp in a factory Mercedes-Benz sedan. A 0-100 kph sprint time of less than three seconds! Torque numbers are not yet available but 1000 Nm + would not be out of the ordinary. Gyldenore Top Tip: Get multiple tyre sets ASAP when purchasing this über-powerful sedan.

Spotted on the Ring

As seen in the picture above it is clear Mercedes-AMG are thoroughly testing their most powerful engine configuration. Be sure to check out the video of this 2 tonnes beast assaulting its tyres in the corners and absolutely sending it on the straights.

Mercedes AMG GT73

The number 73

The last time we've seen this number on the back of a Mercedes-Benz was on the R129 SL 73 AMG. This model was offered in the later stages of the model's life cycle, from 1997 - 2001. Unlike the new AMG GT73, which has the AMG 4L V8 turbo engine, the SL 73 AMG had a glorious V12 pumping out 518 hp. The engine was later used by Pagani in the Zonda.

53 AMG EQ Power +

Mercedes has been experimenting with the hybrid system for a while now. The first AMG models to receive the hybrid system were the E-class and CLS-class. Both received the new 3L, straight-six engine combined with a hybrid system. This engine configuration delivers a healthy 429 hp and 520 Nm. In other words; enough power. Interesting fact about the GT 4-door and the CLS: Mercedes have decided not to make a CLS 63 AMG to avoid product cannibalization with the AMG GT63 4-door.

Check out the video taken by YouTuber statesidesupercars.



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