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What is the registration cost?

The registration is free. 

How much does it cost to have a vehicle auctioned?

Submitting a vehicle is free. As soon as the auction is approved by Gyldenore, there'll be an uploading fee of 99,00 EUR (incl. VAT). 
If desired Gyldenore can arrange that one of its partner photographers come take pictures of your vehicle. 
This is at a total cost of 349 EUR (incl. VAT), which includes the auctioning and the photographer. 
There are no additional costs. 

How much does it cost to buy a vehicle?

If you win the auction, you have to pay the buyer’s fee of 5% of the selling price with a minimum of 250 EUR (excl. VAT).
There are no additional costs or fees.

How much does it cost to bid on a vehicle?

Bidding is free and available after registering as bidder and authorising your credit card.

Why do I need to register and authorize my credit card (Mollie)?

The credit card authorization is a standard process during registration as bidder. We need to able to verify your registration with your credit card.
To enable bidding Mollie (our payment partner) will charge 0 EUR on the credit card.
After this step your credit card is authorised for future biddings.

Is it safe to register/authorize my credit card with Mollie?

Mollie is a specialized trusted licensed payment provider, who saves your credit card details and authorizes the card when you want to bid on a vehicle. (

What kind of vehicles do we accept?

We accept classic, collectible, special, unique modern vehicles.

How do I know if the auction is authentic?

All sellers must send copies of all documents of ownership to Gyldenore and/or a contract that confirms the seller is authorized by the owner to sell the car. Gyldenore will occasionally verify the authenticity of the vehicle through video call or any other way.

If any doubt or suspicion arise during the process, Gyldenore will not allow the auction to continue. Gyldenore will not hesitate to refuse the seller and vehicle.

For more information we encourage users to look at our Terms & Conditions.

Can I set a reserve (a minimum selling price)?

Yes, reserves can be set for vehicles. Reasonable reserve prices can be discussed with your designated account manager.

How do I know if there is a reserve on a vehicle?

Auctions without reserve are marked with No Reserve.

What does it mean; a no reserve auction?

This means that the highest bidder sets the final price of the vehicle. The seller has to accept the offer and the vehicle will be sold for the highest bid. The main advantage for the seller is that it attracts more bidders, since buyers know the highest bidder gets the vehicle.

Do I have to transport the vehicle to an auction venue?

No, there is no physical auction venue. But it is recommended to be prepared to show the car to potential buyers if they require a viewing of the car. 

Can I bid on my own auction?


Can anyone outbid my bid in the last seconds?

No, a system is installed in the last two minutes of the auction.

This means that if a bid takes place in the last two minutes, an additional two minutes will be added to the counter. 
For example: if someone bids at 00:01:39 mark. An extra two minutes will be added. This becomes 00:03:39. This way people have enough time to outbid.

What happens when the auction ends?

Both parties will get a confirmation mail stating that the auction has finished.
The 5% will be charged to the buyer. This will be automatically done by Mollie. After this both parties will receive each other's contact information.

Can the sale be negotiated with the highest bidder if the vehicle does not sell?

Yes, we will ask the seller if he would accept a lower selling price and offer this possibility to the highest bidders if the vehicle is not sold in an auction.

Can I contact the seller or view the vehicle?

You can use the comment section to ask questions or discuss anything with the seller. We can also arrange a visit between the seller and the interested party.

What is the minimum bid?

The minimum bid varies from vehicle to vehicle.
Standard minimum bid is 100 EUR.

Who pays for the transport of the vehicle?

The buyer pays for the transport costs, unless agreed differently. This implies as well for any other costs, for example the storage costs, VAT and duties.

What if the vehicle has some defects not mentioned in the auction listing?

Gyldenore is the host of the auction where the cars are sold as they are. But the seller is responsible for accuracy of the information. The buyer is responsible to satisfy him/herself with the information, details and conditions before placing a bid.

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