How it works


You must be registered as a bidder before you can bid. 

In order to register as a bidder, our payment provider will ask you for a mandate.
This means that a payment of €0,00 will be kept from your credit card.
This way we can hold the 5% auction fee on your bid amount.
As soon as the winning bid is known, the fees on the losing bids will be released. 

Start Bidding

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1. Register

Register and make an account. You will receive an e-mail when your account has been approved.

2. Become a bidder

To become a bidder you will need to accept a mandate payment by our payment provider (
This Mandate is a 0,00 EURO payment.
By accepting this payment, you allow Gyldenore to reserve the bidding fee on you future bids.


3. Get confirmation

After becoming a bidder and accepting the mandate payment you will receive a confirmation e-mail.

4. Start Bidding

Start your search and start bidding! 


Have fun!

Submit a vehicle

Every auction displayed on Gyldenore starts by submitting a car on the "Submit a vehicle" page.
Gyldenore offers two types of services, Premium & Premium +. 
Both services give you a custom written auction listing. 
The difference between Premium and Premium + is that with +, Gyldenore comes to take the pictures at the customer's chosen location. This is limited to several locations at the moment, please do reach out for more information. 

As soon as you have chosen a service, you will be asked to fill in a submission form.
Here we ask for necessary information, including pictures, mileage documents (Car-Fax, Car-Pass), history, records, documentations and video's. It is very important that you fill in the form as good, comprehensively and wholesome as possible. If done correctly this will save a lot of time. For the seller's own good, it is important to add quality pictures. It is proven that this boosts the sale. Gyldenore values quality over quantity. 

As soon as the form is completed you will be assigned a representative. This is the person you will exclusively be in contact with. After our representative has created the auction, written the texts and selected the photos, he or she will contact you again. This way you will have the opportunity to ask all your questions. If you agree with the auction and the conditions, a launch date can be agreed upon. 

Submit a vehicle

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1. Register

Register and make an account.
You will receive an e-mail when you account has been approved.

2. Select your prefered option

We offer two packages to our sellers.
Premium and Premium +.

3. Submit your vehicle

Submit your vehicle and fill in the required information as thoroughly as possible. Make sure every detail is given.

4. Review

We will review your vehicle.

5. We present your auction

After reviewing the vehicle and details, we will present the seller the auction.

6. Launch

The seller will receive a launch date.


Good luck!